Camera - Wide Angle

Camera - Wide Angle

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Hyndsight Vision Systems' Wide Angle Camera offers the slightest fish-eyed effect, giving you a wide field of vision, but with minimal distortion. No need to guess what's behind you or beside you. Up to 4 cameras can be paired to 1 monitor, so get a few - you can use them all in one location or scatter them around, leaving them set up and ready to go on any vehicle, for any adventure. The camera is water resistant, so it will be just fine if it temporarily gets caught in the rain or if the little rascal tosses it in the pool!



2.5" wide x 3" high x 6" deep

6.4 cm x 7.6 cm x 15.2 cm


0.6 lbs
0.3 kg

Note: The Wide Angle Camera is only compatible with Hyndsight Journey & Cruz monitors. Includes one charger and one antenna. Mount sold separately.