Rydeen Mobile Rydeen Mirror Monitor 4.3" Multi-mount

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Rydeen Mobile Rydeen Mirror Monitor 4.3" Multi-mount

Adding a rear-vision camera usually means replacing the radio or adding a windshield or dash monitor.Both ways work great, but many people don't want to change the appearance of their dashboard.In that case, adding a rear-view monitor from Rydeen is the perfect solution.The factory mirror is replaced by Rydeen's high-quality replacement mirror, but monitor built into the mirror allows the driver to see whatever the camera sees.

The 4.3' monitor is invisible when turned off, but when the monitor is switched on, or when the car is placed into reverse, it's clear and bright screen is easy to see and use. A dedicated rear vision camera input auto switches when in reverse, but other video inputs can be used for trailer hitch or baby cams.

The mirror comes with a standard mount attached, but for vehicles that require differnt mounts, simply unscrew the included one and screw on any of the optional mounts. Features are:

  • 4.3" Mirror Monitor with Ultra High Brightness TFT Screen
  • 2 Video-In with 1 Video auto-trigger switching for back-up camera
  • Mirror measures 10-1/4 inch
  • Detachable & Replaceable Mount 
  • Universal mount (VSM-A) mount included