Solar Charger Power Bank

Decade's Custom Creations Products

  • $29.00

Hyndsight now offers a solar charger for those on the road who need to store extra power. 

Portable, easy to use, and rugged just like our cameras.   


  • Will power a Journey/Cruz camera for up to 18 hours (in addition to the battery in the camera).
  • Will power a Capture camera for up to 8 hours (in addition to the battery in the camera).
  • While this is a solar charger, it is not recommended to rely only on its solar ability. While it takes approximately 8 hours to charge the unit via electrical current, it can take 40+ hours of sunlight to charge the unit.
  • Dimensions (5.43” x 3.00” x .75”).



Note: Because of a large number of variables (day/night, geography, latitude, sun, clouds, etc.), solar charging should not be relied upon as the only charging source. It is recommended that it be charged by power cord for daily use.

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