Vise Mount

Decade's Custom Creations Products

Don't have a smooth surface to use to mount your camera or monitor? No problem! The Vise Mount safely secures your device to any non-traditional solid surface while providing the same durability and versatility as our suction cup mounts. The Vise’s solid steel shaft, powerful vise grip, and rugged construction keeps your camera or monitor secure and stationary for use, even in the most extreme situations. Attach it to a horse stall or trailer, a flatbed truck, a beam, or even a tree branch. The fully adjustable 3'' screw and rubber-padded mouth provide a tight grasp with zero damage or slippage at its base. The Vise Mount offers 360 degree tilt, turn, and rotation to achieve maximum versatility!



9" wide x 7" high 2" deep 

22.9 cm x 17.8 cm x 5.1 cm



0.8 lbs 

0.4 kg